I spent the first several months of lockdown desperately searching for dumbbells. Prices were jacked way up online, if they were in stock at all. PowerBlock’s popular adjustable dumbbells, for example, have been out of stock since basically April. Until now!

Select models of these adjustable weights are available as of Wednesday, though they're in limited stock. It seems a bunch of retailers have been waiting for this restock. The online supply at Dick’s Sporting Goods sold out in days. There are only a few models left at Walmart and on PowerBlock’s website.

PowerBlock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbells (2020 model) - Walmart

499.95Shop Now

USA Elite Series - powerblock.com

299.00Shop Now

PowerBlock Pro Series | Non-Expandable - powerblock.com

429Shop Now

If you’ve been waiting practically all year for this restock, don’t hesitate to buy. I’ve had a price watch and restock alert set on these on these since March. This is the first real restock I’ve seen since the pandemic hit.

And if you're trying to get these for the holidays: It says that the dumbbells sold at Walmart will ship immediately and arrive ahead of Christmas.