Wild Turkey Hunters Rendezvous set for Baldwin

BALDWIN - Turkey hunters listen up! The annual Wild Turkey Hunter’s Rendezvous is set for March 26 and once again the Baldwin High School auditorium will be the center for the activities.

You’ll hear from guest speakers covering the latest in turkey know-how, demonstrations of calling techniques, plus displays of turkey hunting gear and gadgets from calls to camouflage and assorted tools to make some big gobbler think your calls are coming from the lady love of its life as it struts your way.

Special guest speaker this year will be the DNRE’s wildlife Chief, Russ Mason. This will be his second visit to the Rendezvous; the first time he was here to meet sportsmen as part of his “get acquainted tour in the first months of his being named chief of the wildlife division. Now he returns to give attendees the latest report of the state of wildlife in Michigan, especially the wild turkey and how it is faring in Michigan. Here’s a chance to voice your questions to the main man in wildlife matters in the state.

As usual there will be classroom sessions in scouting, calling, camouflage, and other skills the hunter needs to bring to the field when in pursuit of what is easily the most wary of all game birds in Michigan.

Raffles and drawings for prizes are held, the funds going into a winter feeding program for turkeys in the northern portions of the state where the motto is “it’s a fed bird or a dead bird!”

Those who enjoy utilizing calling skills to bring a gobbler within their shotgun’s range may want to try for a trophy in turkey calling by entering the State Wild Turkey Calling Championship. This contest is held in the afternoon. A big highlight and hit with the audience of hunters and locals who just enjoy listening to callers as they make clucks, purrs, cutting and kee kee calls as they strive to be named the best in the state at this old hunting skill. Both senior and junior divisions are held.

There is a popular turkey shoot for prizes and bragging rights honors in the afternoon, held at the VFW Post north of Baldwin on M-37.

Following this the ladies of the VFW auxiliary put on a full roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings. No one goes home hungry.

This year will mark the 30th Rendezvous; attending it has become one of the best ways for hunters and visitors alike to shake off the winter blues and get ready for spring and the wild turkey hunting season to follow. One this is certain – this Rendezvous is one outdoor show you can “gobble up” in style.