Turkey hunters have mixed results this year

BALDWIN — Hunting season will now take a back seat to fishing as turkey hunters put an end to their campaign last month.

Small game and other types of hunting will return in the fall. Turkey season in April and May had some local success.

“The turkey season went good, I got mine,” said Ivan Giese of LeRoy. “I had a nice young bird, about a 3-year-old bird. It had a nine-inch beard and weighed 18 pounds, three-quarters inch spurs. He wasn’t a big one but I didn’t want a big one.”

Giese hunted the second season.

“I didn’t see a whole lot of birds,” Giese said. “Ones I saw I’ve been scouting for them I got in an area where they were.”

John Wolfgang of Lake, who lives near Osceola County and is a hunting guide, said he turkey hunted himself.

“I missed an opportunity on a bearded hen that I was after,” he said. “I never killed a hen with a beard so I spent my turkey season trying to get her. I blew my shot on her.

“The turkey population is pretty good. I drew a tag for the first “Turkey season was pretty good but I think the take was a little down from past years,” said Vic Havens of Frank’s Sporting Goods in Morley.

“Overall, it was good,” said Brian Boland of Remus, a turkey hunting guide. “Everybody I know of was pretty much successful. Last year it was the opposite, this was an excellent year. There were a lot of toms this year. The more toms the more competition. You have more to work with.”

Bill VanSyckle, a Morley Stanwood High School teacher, said he and his son “had a great season. We ere very busy. That was the biggest variable that affects our season. We were just too busy. He and I both shot birds. My father shot a bird, probably one of the biggest he’s ever shot. Five or six birds we got this year between the two of us and taking people out. We saw a lot of birds. One thing I noticed is I have second season out of three, The jakes came in to calls, but the toms had their hens and didn’t let go.”