Troutarama announces fishing contest winners

BALDWIN — Olivia Johnson and Greg Seniw were the grand prize winners of the Troutarama Fishing Contest which ended late last month.

Johnson won the junior division with a crappie weighing 1.68 pounds. Seniw took first in the adult division with a walleye weighing 7.56 pounds.

There were 10 different categories. Joe Balulis won the adult division for crappie with one weighing 1.68 pounds. Johnson also won the walleye division for a fish at 3.25 pounds.

In other categories, bluegill winners were Nathan VanSlooten in juniors for 0.66 pounds and Mike Bommerschein for adults with 1.14 pounds.

Tyler Clugston won in juniors for three divisions. He took first in perch with 0.55 pounds, brook trout at 0.83 pounds and brown trout at 1.34 pounds. Seniw also won in the adult perch division at 0.81 pounds.

Clugston said he caught the brown and brook trout at Tank Creek and caught the perch at Minch Lake, a private spot west of Baldwin.

He said the brook trout was his proudest catch.

“In our area, brook trout don’t get big, this was unusually big for the area,” he said.

Clugston will be a freshman at Baldwin High School. He caught the fish in mid-June.

“I did it last year too, which was my first year of doing it,” he said. “I didn’t do as good as last year. Last year, I took four categories. This year, it was only three.”

Clugston won in brook, perch, northern pike and bluegill categories last season. He said his favorite fish to go for is the largemouth bass.

“I enjoy the fight they give me,” he said. “When I go largemouth fishing, it’s in the evening. I like the serenity of being on the water.”

Clugston usually fishes up to three times a week.

“We’ve had good luck with the bluegills,” he said “Bass are slow for me.”

Clugston said he frequently fishes with his grandfather Jim Warren.

“He taught me how to fish before I learned how to walk,” Clugston said.

Adult winners in brook trout were Sandra Hines at 1.93 pounds and Dallas Gupcill at brown trout at 4.78 pounds.

Robert Holmes won for smallmouth bass for adults at 3.41 pounds. There was no junior entry.

For largemouth bass, it was Rick Kubasiak winning for juniors at 5.31 pounds and Packer Kubasiak for adults at 4.31 pounds.

The rainbow/steelhead trout winners were Robert Munson for juniors at 6.93 pounds and Shaun Munson for adults at 8.43 pounds. Northern pike winners were David Wyatt Sanders at 6.5 pounds and David Sanders at 6.0 pounds.