BALDWIN — Tyler Clugston was among the big winners announced on Saturday in the Troutarama fishing contest for 2016.

Fish were caught during the year, and winners were announced Saturday at the Troutarama.

Clugston won in three categories including for steelhead with a 28.5-inch rainbow weighing 7.31 pounds. He won in the adult division for walleye with 23 inches and 4.18 pounds, and in northern pike with 29.625 inches and 53.18 pounds.

His walleye was caught at Wingleton Lake. where he also got his pike. His walleye was his proudest catch.

“They’re hard to catch,” Clugston said. “There’s only a handful of lakes were she can get them at.”

He’s been a winner in open or two categories every year. Other winners included Lilly Munson for juniors in bluegill with 11 inches, 0.79 pounds and largemouth bass with 19.125 inches and 2.68 pounds. Another junior class winner was Jeremiah Bloom with a walleye, 22 inches and 3.17 pounds.

Other adult division winners were Keith Gay for bluegill, 11.75 inches, 1.125 pounds; Elton Dambruseo, for perch, 14.5625 inches, 1.36 pounds; Benjamin Bennett, for smallmouth bass, 20 inches, 3.24 pounds; Jake Piotts for largemouth bass, 21.375 inches, 3.85 pounds; Kim Charnley for brook trout, 14.75 inches, 0.99 pounds; Bill Rodgers for brown trout, 23.25 inches, 4.625 pounds, and Dennis R. Trent for crappie, 16 inches, 1.9 pounds.

The grand prize winner for adults was Gay for his bluegill and Munson with her largemouth bass.