BARRYT0N — Carl Meissner is a local trapper who keeps his eye on outdoor activity in the area.

“Right now, it’s winding down,” he said. “A lot of the seasons are closed, and closed on March 1. There’s still open season for beavers and otter until April 15. Coyote runs until another month or so, as well.

“Most of my trapping I do on the water, so I don’t know a whole lot of what else is gong on. Right now there’s trapping for some coyote. But the fur is still good to trap for some coyote. But the condition of furs declines. Trapping tends to be a late fall, early-winter sport, Meissner noted.

“It starts dropping off in February,” he said. “Beaver trapping in the spring can get pretty active once the ice melts off all the backwaters and beavers start dispersing. The 2-year-olds get kicked out of its lodge by the parents and have to find new homes. It’s when you typically see flooding on the backroads by beavers finding new homes.”