Lake County Sportsman Club looks ahead to 2015 activities

BALDWIN — It’s been an eventful year for the Lake County Sportsman Club and it’s likely to get even more active in 2015.

Club president Greg Nichols said the group continues to work toward being more active and getting work done on the club site at the Baldwin airport.

The club secured the site from the Pleasant Plains Township board earlier this year. Getting the property ended a two-year bid by the club to start the process of getting some activities established.

In mid-November, the club sponsored an event north of town at the VFW Hall.

“The steak fry was a big success,” Nichols said. “I’m not sure of the exact total.”

Monies will go toward various club expenses. Nichols said the club is getting ready to eventually set up a building at the site. The exact specifications of the building and when it would be established has yet to be determined.

The next club meeting is tentatively set for 9 a.m.  Saturday at the Chamber of Commerce Building in Baldwin.

Nichols indicated elections would be planned to solidify a club board. Earlier this year, with the resignation of various officers, a new board was elected, which Nichols said, was meant to be on an interim basis.

The club will be looking to eventually develop archery, pistol and rifle shooting ranges, Nichols said. There will be efforts to secure necessary funding and grants from various sources including the NRA. It’s likely that starting in the spring, more development of the club site could take place.

Other club member have emphasized the desire to get youth interested in outdoor activities through various club-sponsored activities.