Irons sportsman continues to enjoy success bluegill fishing

IRONS — Don Sable lives in the Irons area and the Lake County resident has been having plenty of fun bluegill fishing so far this season.

He’s lived in Irons for 22 years and hasn’t had to go too far from home for fishing success.

“I’ve been out on the small lakes over by my place,” he said. “It’s going pretty good. I’m doing real well on the gills. Also I’m picking up some nice crappies on small jigs and minnows and also catching some bass, It’s been really good for me. I started getting the gills real early. They’ve just been hanging on. They’re still on the beds.

“I’m still catching a few off the beds. I’m also getting them out in 10 to 12 foot of water using a slip bobber. I’ve caught some gills that way too.”

Sable likes the summer prospects for fishing.

“It’s been pretty good so far,” he said, during a stop recently at Ed’s Sports Shop in Baldwin. “We seem to be catching quite a few larger fish. I concentrate on the Irons area, sometimes Portage Lake and Manistee.”

Sable has been fishing 35 years.

“I used to go with my dad,” he said. “He would take me when I was young. I take my daughter (Bailey) quite a bit now. She caught a really nice gill. She pretty much does everything I do.”

Sable also enjoys archery hunting. In the past he’s hunted turkeys but didn’t get the opportunity this season.

“I talk to a lot of people out here and they say it wasn’t too good of a year,” he said.

As an avid outdoorsman, Sable likes his current residence.

“There’s a few public lakes that hold a good population of gills and panfish,” he said.