Hunters staying involved with small game season

BIG RAPIDS — Deer hunting is starting to wind down which means the small game hunters will soon have a chance to dominate the outdoor action.

Jim Warren, of Baldwin, said his grandson, Tyler Clugston, is planning on squirrel hunting for several days.

“He loves squirrel hunting and he loves to eat them too,” Warren said. “There’s quite a few squirrels around. He goes around on the state property and in the back of our property, and back down by the railroad. He’s getting his quantity of squirrels.”

George Tharp, of Ed’s Sport Shop, would like to see more hunting activity taking place.

“There’s a ton of squirrels here and plenty of opportunities,” he said. “But there’s not anybody hunting. Rabbit count is way down. Squirrels are good but nobody’s hunting. There’s squirrels all over.”

“I’ve been running (dogs) for quite a few rabbits, but we need some snow,” Michael Miller, of Rodney, said. “They’re hard to see. But we’ve been doing pretty good running them. We need some snow and cold weather. That would make it better. Considering the weather, it’s been pretty good.”

Miller indicated it will be a good year for rabbit numbers.

“So far it’s started out better this year than it did last year,” Miller said. “One nice thing about not having the snow is you don’t have to deal with it. But it makes it harder to see (rabbits). I’ve been running (dogs) a lot but haven’t been shooting a lot.”

The season starts in September, but Miller acknowledged that most rabbit hunters don’t start going usually until early December.

“I think it will be a little better if we get some snow, as long as we don’t get too much,” he said. “A lot of guys are still kind of into deer season.”