Hunter recalls recent experience with bobcat

BALDWIN — It’s not often a hunter will run into a bobcat when he’s anticipating something else.

But it happens.

Baldwin’s Jim Warren and his grandson Tyler Clugston will attest to that.

“I acquired 40 acres west of here in Sweetwater Township,” Warren said. “We’ve done a lot of deer hunting. On Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 7), Tyler and I thought we’d do some squirrel hunting.”

Clugston, a junior at Baldwin, where he is a bowler and basketball player, is an avid squirrel hunter.

“We got out there early,” Warren said. “We sat around, waited and waited. We both got our limit of squirrels by 11 a.m. We saw another seven fox squirrels, but we never did shoot a fox squirrel. We shot others. On this property, I don’t think anyone had ever hunted squirrels. It’s just loaded with squirrels.

“We were getting ready to leave and Tyler said, ‘grandpa, come over and look over here.’ There was a big log laying on the ground, kind of hollow. All around it were bluejay feathers. He kicked it a couple of times and a big bobcat comes running out. He ran out about 10 yards and he just stood there and was just looking at us.”

The bobcat then climb up on the a tree and laid on a branch.

“He just watched us and we just walked off and we don’t know what ever happened to him,” Warren said. “He was a real big one, a real dark bobcat. He was just staring us down. I think he was kind of cold. Usually you don’t see bobcats out during the day. That kick on the stump is what brought him out and is kind of what startled him.”

It was an experience that Clugston also said he won’t soon forget.

“That kind of scared me,” he said.