Canoeing remains popular as summer activity

BALDWIN — Local canoeing might be picking up in a major way this week with warmer weather and the arrival of Labor Day weekend.

“People don’t appreciate how many canoes and kayaks every weekend get on that water,” said Rick Delamater, president of Lake County Sportsman’s Club.

Craig Davis of Ivan’s Canoe Rental said the sport has been off for the last couple of years.

“It’s a short season,” he said. “We start Fourth of July and it’s pretty much over now until salmon run. Overall. it’s been a pretty good season.”

David noted that of his 100 canoes in stock, he’s had as many as 80 out at one time.

“Things really start around the 20th of July,” he said, adding that business is solid the six weekends after that, but on Labor day weekend, “it hasn’t normally been that good, but we are hopeful.”