Baldwin hunter reflects on successful turkey season

BALDWIN — Greg Nichols Sr. was among the area hunters that enjoyed the turkey season of a lifetime.

During the turkey season, which ended last month, Nichols, a Baldwin area resident, bagged a 23.5 bound turkey with 1 1/2 spurs and a 10-inch beard. He shot it in northern Lake County during the first season which started April 21 and had it weighed at Ed's Sport Shop in Baldwin.

Nichols shot the bird around 11 a.m.

"I've been seeing that bird for quite awhile," Nichols said. "I've gotten so I go out there and find one, and you start work. They'll come in, then they'll go out and come in. "

But Nichols admits it took awhile for him to do his homework against the turkey before bagging his prize.

"Finally, they make a mistake," he said. "They're at the wrong place at the wrong time. That's the idea of it all. I called it long enough to think I had scared it off instead of calling it in. When it came in, I was quite surprised, pleasantly surprised."

Nichols was about 40 yards away when he shot the bird. "I hit it pretty hard, even at that distance," he said. "It's the biggest one I’ve ever shot."

Nichols, an active member of the Lake County Sportsman Club, said one of his sons got him interested in the sport almost 20 years ago. He admitted to being surprised with the turkey situation given the severe winter.

"I always put in for first season," he said. "I like first season. I like to call them and mess with them. After the first season, the birds know that. The first season, they're chasing the hens around. I like to work the bird. I get to see them dance more than once. That's the fun of it for me."