Warm weather wasn’t expected to help fishing much in the Lake County area this weekend.

Doug Loomis of Ed’s Sports Shop said fishing “is slow” right now.

Gray drake action has been slowing down said Marissa Kelly of the Pere Marquette River Lodge.

The recent heat wave has slowed down day activity.

On nighttime fishing, “they’ve been doing that and staying home during the day,” she said.

It’s been basically trout action, “but I heard someone caught a steelhead,” Kelly said.

“There’s not a whole lot going on but they are catching a few trout during the day,” said Jake McMillon of Baldwin Bait & Tackle. “Nothing has probably changed a whole lot (in a week). This time of the year, the trout fishing stays the same. They catch them on hoppers, ants and beetles and stuff during the duration during the summer.

”Lake fishing, you’re going to have to go deep to find fish. This heat will drive fishing into deeper water and cover. The dog days of summer always make things tougher.”

Area experts in Mecosta County, including Vic Havens of Frank’s Sporting Goods in Morley, indicate there has been decent fishing in various lakes for bluegills and bass.

“It’s been slow for walleyes,” said Jake Johnston of Trigger Time Outfitters, Big Rapids. “Bluegills and perch are hitting good on the river. I haven’t heard too much on the lakes. They’re still catching bass.”

“People are coming in and say fishing at Sunrise, and Center...they seem to be getting some bass and perch,” said Lynn Shively of The Eyes Have It shop in Leroy. “They’re using leeches, wax worms, senkos and nightcrawlers.”


The DNR provides the following tip on the use of crankbaits also known as plugs. This information was adapted from Michigan Outdoor News.

Body Shape

Fat-bodied crankbaits that are shorter will displace more water and create more vibration. Many anglers prefer this type of crankbait when fishing in dark water or at night.

Thin-profile crankbaits glide through the water with minimal resistance. This option is great when fishing clear water and targeting species that are sight feeders.


Crankbaits with less buoyancy are better suited for water with minimal cover and clean bottoms while those with more buoyancy are better for fishing around cover.

Crankbaits can be a great lure option when targeting walleyes, bass or muskellunge (among other species).