Area anglers are hoping for strong month

BALDWIN — Last Saturday and Sunday marked free fishing weekend but area fishermen were basically concerned right now that any type of fishing becomes very successful.

The Department of Natural Resources pointed out that Michigan’s annual Summer Free Fishing Weekend was observed on Saturday and Sunday.

Both residents and non-residents could fish without a license however all regulations still apply, the DNR added, noting that this weekend is reserved as an opportunity for individuals to introduce someone new to the sport of fishing.

Rick Delamater of Baldwin said he hasn’t heard too much locally about fishing reports in recent days.

There’s not a lot of fishermen in right now,” he said. “It’s kind of that sluggish time between warmer weather and when school gets out. Basically there’s a few trout fisherman around. I haven’t talked to anyone to see what they’re doing. But they come here because it’s beautiful. Everyone’s straighten up better. We get hints of it. But it still seems like spring.”

Jolyn Hildabridle of Leroy’s The Eyes Have It fishing shop noted the local bass fishing tournament series, Wednesday Night Hog Hunters, has started.

“Fishing is really good,” she said. “The gills are going strong and so are the bass,”

The Hog Hunters tourney has stops at Rose Lake and other Osceola County lakes.

Hildabridle expects a good month for crappies, bluegills and panfish.

John Wolfgang is involved in the Castaways bass fishing tournament that takes place near Osceola County in the Lake area.

“It’s going pretty good so far,” he said.

“We’re going to have a real good season if the weather ever straightens out.”

He noted that Big Lake and Martiny lakes in Mecosta County are among the spots that bass anglers are utilizing.

“With this Free Fishing weekend coming up they’re starting to catch some bluegills on the (Muskegon) river but I haven’t heard much about anything else,” said Vic Havens of Frank’s Sporting Goods in Morley. “Of course they’re starting to catch them in shallows around most of the lakes around here. But it’s been pretty slow.”