BALDWIN — Archery activity will be coming up in the Lake County area,

Harold Nichols of the Lake County Sportsman Club said an archery shooting activity will be taking place later this month and will be hosted at the rural residence of Bob Myers, also a club member.

“We had a men’s league for shooting archery in the past and we’re hoping to get that started again,” Nichols said. “We’re also attempting to get that township property squared away this month.”

He was referring to the property by the airport the club is hoping to lease from Pleasant Plains Township for a clubgrounds.

“There’s also the trout fishing contest and fishing derby coming up at Troutarama,” Nichols said.

Myers said he has a 15-target range around his property that he uses regularly. He’s a very active bow hunter. He indicated that after the Troutarama, there will be a get-together for club members and their youngsters.

“I’ve got 15 targets up. You walk through the woods to each one,” Myers said. “You shoot at different angles and shoot through’s an atmosphere of what real shooting is like.”