Anglers finding some salmon

BALDWIN — The salmon run is a ways off yet in the area but some sneak previews seem to be coming up for fishermen.

Jake McMillon of Baldwin Bait & Tackle said not much in fishing conditions have changed in recent weeks.

“There’s not much that’s changed other than salmon are starting to slowly move into the river,” he said. “They’re slowly progressing. They’re catching a few by Custer and Scottville. But up here, they’re still pretty thin.”

Frank Willetts at Pere Marquette River Lodge agrees.

“It’s not a whole lot. The salmon are just starting to come in,” he said. “We’re just starting to see them in good numbers right now. Other than thta, we’re mousing and using grasshoppers and tricos with a new hatch.

“In the next two weeks, I would say things are going to take off and explode. It depends on the weather.”

Anglers can check the DNR’s site Michigan Fish & How to Catch Them for more information.