Ushering in a new generation

The first Boomers are hitting the traditional retirement age this year, and communities and businesses are taking notice. With 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring each day over the next 18 years, the medical field and senior communities are preparing for an onslaught of “Golden Boomers,” a term coined for those just entering their golden years. Today there are around 76 million people in the U.S. who were born between 1946 and 1964 and communities are going to have to adapt to a generation accustomed to doing things its own way.

If Idlewild is going to preserve its legacy of its first centennial (100 years), we must execute throughout the year with classes and educational events, keeping older adults informed of their options. They will be calling on us when they turn 65 and they have no idea where to turn next.

They will stay committed to running, biking, hiking, swimming and rowing. We will have to have the personnel and facilities available to take care of them. This is a group of active, relatively young people. Our goal is to keep them that way.

I am proud to see our senior citizen facility making the right moves toward the future in Idlewild. In Yates township, we have to preserve our legacy, our aspirations, and we must execute our dreams, making them a reality.

We are in an extraordinary position. There are very few states in America that can boast of having a legacy, that is, a black legacy, beginning in 1912. We should stand tall in America and let it be known.

Although Baby Boomers are not projected to start fully relying on retirement communities for another decade, when the oldest of them turn 75, facilities are already getting prepared, adding new amenities and repositioning old ones. Many communities are adding fully equipped exercise rooms, swimming pools, fitness trails, and web access social club houses, to mention a few.

Having plenty of choices is of prime concern to Boomers. This generation with the cachet of being wealthier and healthier than any other previous age group, wants a wide  range of options for every retirement amenity. Our aspirations are high and we must execute and make our dreams a reality. To achieve this, we must focus on our wisdom, and not forget that every one has innate abilities.

Energize and be grateful for the blessings that have been bestowed on you and pass it on to your fellow man.

One more thing to remember - Boomers are interested in fitness and social enrichment - they certainly want something more than playing Bingo, dominoes, or euchre.