There’s already something missing

Friends, family, and neighbors gathered last week to say a poignant “Good-bye” to Don and Jean Ingle whose lives were taken so suddenly in a blaze that leveled their home.

In a touching gathering of those who knew and loved them best, those whose lives they impacted over the years, the best memories of a couple who were very much a part of the Baldwin and Lake County communities were lifted up, remembered with a chuckle and a tear, and relegated to history.

Don and Jean were special, their unique personalities were evident by the wide range of people who traveled to the Hollister Community Room last Saturday to share in the experience of remembering the two.

Don was especially dear to those of us who knew him as a renowned writer of outdoors articles and the creator of hunting and fishing lore.

Don could spin a yarn with the best of them - and did. He could tell a tale that was taller by far than most storytellers could even hope. When it came to the outdoors, and especially to all things involving Camp Socrates, Don’s version of “I swear it’s true” was astonishingly ...fluid.

Don loved a good story for the sake of a good story, and those attending the Ingles’ memorial had some good stories to tell, but more than a spinner of tales, Don loved to inform and educate people about the outdoors he loved so well.

He most hoped to pass on his love for nature and see that love grow and bloom in others.

Don loved music, he inherited a love of music from his family, and nurtured that love to its fullest. He was an accomplished musician, and members of ‘the band’ well remember the good times and years of playing together before the time came to hang up the sheet music.

Despite his occasionally disheveled demeanor, Don Ingle was a renaissance man in the most complimentary sense of the word.

Hungry for information and knowledge, excited to pass on what he knew, dedicated to his craft and to his music, determined to protect his natural environment, and more than all, a true gentleman.

Don and Jean will be missed.

The many who filled the Hollister Community Room know just how much they were a part of their lives.

They’ve only been gone a couple weeks, but there’s already “something missing.”