TRISH KLUESING: Visitors experience 'simple kindness' in Baldwin

TO THE EDITOR: The following is an email I received from a North Carolina customer on April 9. He had just returned home from three wonderful days steelhead fishing on the Pere Marquette River with his 16-year-old grandson. A simple kindness that touched one deeply. Thank you Shovon. “Wanted to tell you about a very nice experience I had at Patty’s Drug store the morning we left. You may remember I asked you if I could buy a cheap watch somewhere because the battery in my old cheap watch died. I assumed I wouldn’t be able to find the right battery. Well, when I came in the store a very nice lady showed me some inexpensive watches, none of which I liked. When I told her about my dead battery she said she might have one in the store. I hunted up my watch in my luggage and brought it in. She must have spent 20 minutes working before finally getting the back off my watch. Then she went to the back of the store and found a battery that would work and installed it. She only wanted the cost of the battery ($2.76) but I forced her to take five dollars, for which she thanked me two or three times. These experiences reinforce the feeling that most people are basically nice, and I had such a good feeling as I pulled out of Baldwin and headed down to Lansing. "Looking forward to the next time---.”