Sailing a sailboat without sails

Yates Township is floundering like a sailboat without sails. I have experience as a citizen for thirty years and I have been a taxpayer and a former township trustee for four years. I have lived and witnessed both sides of the fence.

We lack communication and respect for each other. Our dedication to our fellow man seems based on whether or not we are members of the same church, organization, club or social level. We shall never overcome the pitfalls of society with our minds closed to reality. We need to take inventory of ourselves as to what we have to offer in our community to make it survive.

This year is our Centennial year for Idlewild, and also our election year for Yates township and the Presidential election. We are witnessing some very crucial political decisions which are affecting the world, our nation, our states, major metropolitan cities, our counties and our townships.

For years, Yates hass struggled hard to forge ahead. We need all of the support we can garner from all of the citizens of voting age to be concerned, for the fate of our destiny is at stake. When you ask questions in the community about who is running for our elected officials, no one knows. It is time that we as citizens have a town hall meeting inviting all eligible voters to find out what they want and expect for the community to grow and survive.

It’s time for change. We need citizens who are willing to work, and who are interested in self-help, not just trying to depend on grants. We need to stimulate plans for economic growth; those that are child-related, senior citizen-oriented, or related to curbing crime. This community can’t survive on taxes only.

Put your arms around our young people. They need our support. All they hear about is the old days. Rebuild the community so that it reaches out on every level. Let’s sail our ship - but we need sails! Our community is the sail. Taxpayers, it is now time to be heard. Let is be known how you feel about the community and what you expect from the elected officials. You can’t live in the past, this is a new day. Yates is an integrated community - and growing rapidly. We don’t want to carry the stigma of some former administrations. We seem to have lost our zest for success. We need leaders, not dictators.

It takes passion to survive along with strength, fortitude, talent and last, but not least, a Divine purpose.