STAN J. WOODWARD: Letter to the editor

A letter to the editor and the readers of The Lake County Star,

What would it take to restore the passage between Big L and Little L Lakes? The way it is now, it is mostly brush and very little water, if any. It is a long way from its once intended purpose, form and function.

A one-day volunteer work bee could clean up the passage and, with some expertise, perhaps a grant could be obtained to dredge it a foot or two deeper. This way the two lake waters could meet and the fish from both lakes could intermingle and breed, putting some new blood in the old waters.

The beautification result would benefit all who traverse by foot or vehicle over the little bridge — which could also use a couple coats of red rustoleum paint to bring it, too, back to its former glory.

Volunteers and a grant seem like good things to think about and I think we should take action soon.

Anyone interested?