SHERIFF'S CORNER: Those who wear masks

The most recent executive order regarding the wearing of masks from the governor's office has resulted in many questions from the public. It has also posed many questions from us in law enforcement.

I think an outright defiance of any executive order is irresponsible, but we do need to consider the intent behind the order and what our responsibilities are.

There are many factors to consider. How does this affect HIPPA and ADA laws? How should a business respond to a violator? Will the prosecutor authorize a charge on a violation? What actually is qualified as a face covering? The list goes on.

A business does have the right to not allow access for any or no reason, as long as it is not discriminatory. The mask requirement is similar to not wearing a shirt or shoes. If they require all patrons to have a shirt, shoes and a mask to enter their premises, they are within their right to do so.

I am handling this on a case-by-case basis. If a violation of an executive order comes in, we will deal with them accordingly.

This made me think of who wouldn't be affected by this new executive order. This week's edition of the Sheriff's Corner, I try to ease the mood and discuss those who already wear a mask.


Batman operates in Gotham City, with many sidekicks. Unlike most superheroes, he does not possess any secret powers. He only uses his intellect, detective skills, technology, wealth, physical conditioning, and his reputation with his war on crime. Wearing a mask is nothing new to him, but I'm sure there is something in his "bat" belt that could bring the virus to its knees.


We wouldn't even know this guy if he didn't wear a mask. Having been killed so many times, then having been brought back to life ... the virus is minor to what he has already been through. Plus, if you go back and watch all these movies from the 80's, the virus would probably die due to the lameness of the plot and bad acting.


When I was growing up, the leader of the Autobots had a distinctive face mask in the original cartoon from the 80's, unlike how he was portrayed in the movies. But when you can turn from a robot into a semi tractor/trailer, then back into a robot, I think the virus is the last of your concerns.


This was the villain from one of the most famous "Arnie" movies. This is someone who would rather wear a mask because he was way too ugly when the mask was off. Now, if the mask I wore allowed me to see different heat levels like his did, I would probably wear it more.


Probably one of the more creepier individuals with an even more creepier mask. Not probably good at thwarting the virus with the big mouth hole in his mask, but he would probably be more apt at getting the virus from eating his victims.


Let's see who remembers this guy. If you were a collector of those little GI JOE's from the 80's, you would know him well. Sometimes considered the right hand man of Cobra Commander, his head was encased in a full chrome metal mask. Not sure how you would actually breathe through it though.


The ultimate cloth mask wearer. The mask didn't only cover his mouth but covered his whole body as well. So, maybe this is the ticket. I'm sure the virus wasn't getting in anywhere on the web slinging crusader.


Finish him! Probably the most famous character from the Mortal Combat video game. In the original game, he only wore the standard ninja mask, but later went to more of a whole face mask in the later editions. Maybe he saw the pandemic for what it was and decided he wanted to take the extra step on covering his whole face.


No mask in this world is as universally recognizable as the one made famous by "The King of Mystery." This famous "wrass-ler" could probably do a pile driver or suplex to take the virus out anyways.


Most of those who go to McDonald's nowadays don't have the pleasure of knowing the many characters that use to entertain us over and over on fast food TV commercials. But when you steal hamburgers for a living and eat fries that sit on a shelf for 15 years and don't show signs of decay, I'm sure you're immune to getting any type of virus.


Ok, maybe not a true mask, but how can you not have a mask list without mentioning the most famous bass player from the band KISS? However, if he was to wear a true mask, it would probably need to be oblong to accommodate for the long tongue.


Probably the most famous masked person of all time. This guy was burnt to a crisp, so he was probably the most susceptible to catching any virus. The mask was high tech with a special breathing apparatus, while also scaring others with his evil breathing sound. But when you have the power of the force, the virus would be no match.

At the end of the day we need to stop the spread of the virus. It doesn't take much to honor the wishes of others and do our part. Should this be voluntary, or should this be forced upon? To that, I have no answer. It is better to be safe than sorry, but also keeping in mind other inalienable rights.

When emotions run high, do we cause more problems by doing certain things? Please remember this when going to your local business. They are only doing what they feel is right, and it is good to honor those wishes. This whole pandemic has taken an emotional and financial toll on all of us. We need to stick together and eventually we will get through this.

This information is provided to you for clarification of specific laws, and not legal advice. This is not to be construed as a personal opinion, agreement or disagreement of any specific law. If you have any questions on any specific topic, you can always email me your questions to