SHERIFF'S CORNER: Radden Memorial Dedication

On Wednesday, May 12, a memorial dedication ceremony was conducted at the Lake County Sheriff's Office to honor the memory of Sheriff Robert Radden, who died in the line of duty in 1969.

In this edition of the "Sheriff's Corner," I am providing you with the speech I presented at the dedication ceremony.


"Good Evening.

I am so very honored to say a few words this evening to honor the memory of Sheriff Robert Charles Radden and the Radden Family.

A special thanks goes out to Amy Gerard, from the Lake County Sheriff's Office who orchestrated today's dedication and memorial. This would not have been a reality if it was not for her efforts, so for that we are truly thankful.

I would also like to thank those who donated to the memorial:

• Tony & Jeanine Hodges

• H & H Excavating

• Police Officers Association of Michigan

• Charles D Hammond FOP Lodge #99

• Mr. David Henry

• AMVETS Post 1988

• AMVETS Riders Post 1988

On April 21, 1969, Sheriff Radden was responding to a bar after receiving reports of a fight at that location. He was then struck by a vehicle as he walked from his car to the bar. The injuries caused him to lapse into a coma, which he never recovered from.

On May 27, Sheriff Radden passed away from the injuries he sustained a month earlier. Sheriff Radden had served with the agency for four years. He was 52 years of age having been survived by his wife and two children.

I would like to talk about the legacy that was left by Sheriff Radden, specifically the continued work of his widow Bea Radden (later Bea Post) who worked as a desk sergeant for the Lake County Sheriff's Office. Sgt. Post was tough as nails, however, had the personality to reach people when others could not.

For example, On Nov. 1, 1977, Sheriff Lonnie Deur was shot while on duty when attempting to serve a mental health order on a female subject in Idlewild. After retreating back into the house, several attempts were made to have the subject surrender and leave the residence. This did not happen until Sgt. Post arrived on scene and was the only one that was able to talk the subject into giving herself up.

Sgt. Post continued to work for many years at the Sheriff's Office, having passed away in 2002 at the age of 81.

I also feel it is important to mention that the "extended" Radden family has also included the step-grandson of Casey Owen, who is currently a detective sergeant with the Michigan State Police having joined MSP in 2002.

Let's also take a moment to honor the area peace officers that also died in the line of duty:

Chief of Police George Edward "Ted" Seman

• Evart Police Department

• EOW: Monday, June 13, 1966.

Patrolman Arlo Slagle

• Ludington Police Department

• EOW: Sunday, July 20, 1958.

Detective Robin Ann Arnold

• Manistee County Sheriff's Office

• EOW: Friday, Feb. 4, 1994.

Deputy Sheriff Max Leonard Altman

• Mason County Sheriff's Office

• EOW: Saturday, March 12, 1966.

Trooper Paul Kenyon Butterfield, II

• Michigan State Police

• EOW: Monday, Sept. 9, 2013.

Village Marshal Benjamin Lewis "Ben" Carpenter

• Newaygo Police Department

• EOW: Tuesday, July 23, 1963.

Sheriff Fay E. Wooster

• Osceola County Sheriff's Office

• EOW: Monday, Dec. 22, 1952.

Undersheriff Sophia T. Wooster

• Osceola County Sheriff's Office

• EOW: Monday, Dec. 22, 1952.

We also want to remember the pain and suffering of INJURED officers who carry with them not only visible wounds but also the hidden burdens of trauma and torment resulting from the difficult tasks they are called upon to perform. They too command our admiration, care and respect.

This time of reflection should serve as a reminder to all of us that when the unthinkable happens, it can have a profound effect on their families and friends — forever. Things happen, but we never want to forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and remember those who have done this job as well as those who continue to serve their community to keep us safe."


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