SHERIFF'S CORNER: Calls for Service, February 2022

Lake County Sheriff Rich Martin

Lake County Sheriff Rich Martin

Courtesy photo

Someone recently shared to me a Facebook post from a private political party page comparing the Sheriff's Charity Drives to "money laundering." It is sad when the hundreds of hours conducted by myself, community members and young adults that have made this happen, as well as the over $35,000 which has been given to area charities and nonprofits that has helped so many families and the community, that it would be used as a negative thing.  

Keyboard warriors, internet trolls, Facebook attorneys and armchair quarterbacks seem to be at every corner on social media. 

Let's start with the definition of an internet troll: "In internet slang, a troll is a person who posts inflammatory, insincere, digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses, or manipulating others' perception."

Then there is always someone that knows the law more than you. We've all heard these same responses: someone's a law student, has a cousin that is an attorney, has a cop friend, heard from someone but swore not to say anything, heard it from a reliable source, I've been doing it this way for years, when did that change? ... and so on.  

Oh, wait I forgot, "It's only illegal if you get caught." Uh, yeah ... let's see how that works for ya.

And then when something happens, as in getting a ticket, they go right to social media to kick, yell and scream on how they were done wrong and they didn't know.

Then comes the haters that have to jump on the band wagon because they don't already like the individual, law or situation.  

Or the recent post I saw that even though something was clearly against the motor vehicle code, it should be overlooked because it was super cool. 

For all the good social media does for us, there is also the bad that comes along with it.    

This brings me to the toll that social media takes on life in general and the actual MO behind it.  

From, I located an interesting top 10 things that describe attention seekers on social media.

1. They always blow their trumpet. There is nothing wrong in making everyone aware of your accomplishments and achievements as this could improve your self-esteem, but when this is overemphasized or exaggerated by someone you know, then you should be wary and stick to your own business rather than entangling yourself in their world.

2. They always push for a compliment. They know they are beautiful, brilliant and classy. But when they are always seeking for reaffirmation or reassurance of who they are, it simply means they are seeking your attention rather than your respect.

3. They make their problems everyone’s problem. Their problems are not enough for them to deal with. They want everyone to share it with them and be a part of it. Don’t be surprised if they intentionally flaunt their problems and issues at everyone who cares to listen. And if you are not interested in listening then that becomes another problem too.

4. They always play the victim. They are never wrong. They are always the victim and the one who has been wronged. Yes, all will be a ploy to obtain some sympathy and acknowledgement, something they really crave.

5. They complain about everyone. Nothing is good enough for them and perhaps even no one is. They are cynical. They complain about everyone that is supposed to stand for them or be at their side. Truth is that such persons are drama kings and queens who use such complaints to drag people to them.

6. They are always active on social media … Whether on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram they always post pictures and spin stories to get a lot of likes and comments. Someone who needs respect will only be sharing their good moments at certain times, but not attention seekers who are hyper active on social media.

7. …And in social gatherings. They want to be the center of attention even with their friends and any new acquaintances they meet in a social gathering. And if the party is going right without anyone noticing them, they will do something out of line to make sure the spotlight is placed on them.

8. They are master storytellers. Whether they are using pictures or words to tell their stories, they are great at telling stories. Doing this may mean they exaggerate certain facts or tell lies to make the story more thrilling and attention grabbing.

9. They are trouble makers. They will start a war rather than settle for peace. They are trouble makers and will use every tool at their disposal to stir up trouble. Even when they are meant to offer praise and admiration to something noteworthy, they will prefer to do such with sarcasm.

10. They have a glamorous life. Their lives are never dull because they portray their lives as fab and glamorous. They don’t offer simple answers to questions. Rather, they will elaborate and make it seem like they are living a life of a king or queen and make you feel like you are even lucky to be an acquaintance of theirs.

Kind of makes sense if you really think about it. 

It's time for the monthly "calls for service" report. This will provide you with an idea of the prior month's response for public safety services within the county.

  • 911 Hang Up: 1
  • 911 Text: 1
  • Abandoned Call: 1
  • Abandoned Vehicle: 12
  • Accidents Falls: 43
  • Alarms: 24
  • Animal Bites: 3
  • Animal Control: 18
  • Annoyance Threats: 1
  • Assault: 2
  • Assisting Other Agencies: 12
  • Attempt To Locate / Well Check: 14
  • Bleeding: 3
  • Breaking And Entering: 3
  • Breaking And Entering In Progress: 2
  • Breathing Difficulty: 22
  • Business Property Check: 59
  • Car Animal: 1
  • Car Deer: 13
  • Chest And Heart Problems: 13
  • Child Abuse: 2
  • Childbirth: 1
  • Citizen Assist: 7
  • Civil Complaints: 20
  • Civil Standby: 4
  • Code K: 5
  • Covert Investigations: 3
  • Covert Ops: 3
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct: 4
  • Diabetic: 9
  • Disorderly Person: 2
  • Disturbance: 2
  • DNR Violation: 1
  • Domestic: 12
  • Driveaway: 1
  • Dumping Complaint: 1
  • EMS Assist: 7
  • EMS Coverage: 47
  • EMS Transfer: 43
  • Found Property: 1
  • Fraud: 4
  • Gas Odors: 3
  • Harassment: 3
  • Headache: 2
  • Jail Pick Up/Transport: 19
  • Juvenile: 1
  • Larceny    : 7
  • Lift Assist: 8
  • Lines Down: 3
  • MDOP: 1
  • Medical Alarm: 2
  • Mental Emotional: 12
  • Mental Emotional Transport: 2
  • Motorist Assist: 5
  • Open Line: 1
  • ORV Traffic Stop: 7
  • Overdose: 1
  • Pain Back Abdominal: 7
  • Personal Injury Accident: 3
  • PPO Request Violation: 3
  • Pregnancy And Childbirth: 2
  • Property Check: 33
  • Property Damage Accident: 25
  • Pursuits: 1
  • Reckless Driver: 4
  • Road Hazard: 2
  • Rollover: 13
  • Seizures: 11
  • Shooting: 3
  • Sick Unknown: 57
  • Slide Off: 7
  • Smoke/Unknown Fire: 2
  • Snowmobile Accident: 2
  • Snowmobile Traffic Stop: 9
  • Special Event Coverage: 3
  • Stroke: 1
  • Structure Fire: 11
  • Suspicious Person: 2
  • Suspicious Situation: 14
  • Suspicious Vehicle: 26
  • Traffic Control: 5
  • Traffic Stop: 188
  • Trespass: 1
  • Unconscious Unresponsive: 4
  • Unwanted Person: 9
  • Warrant Arrest: 9
  • Weapons: 2