Romance without finance

Everybody I talk to tells me how much they love Idlewild, and about the pleasures they had as children growing up there. They are thrilled that we are able to hold on to our legacy, and looking forward to the Centennial in 2012.

Not only does the love stop there, the buck stops there.

Idlewild was founded in 1912, and twenty years later the country was in the depths of the Great Depression. Folks pooled their resources and thrived, building a community without government funds.

We have to come together and advocate policies that will enhance our community and show allegiance to the formation of a successful impact on our Centennial. We need a focus on the needs and wants, a fiscal plan that will be conducive to the success of the challenges that lie ahead.

We are being scrutinized, but with the community coming together, we will produce victory.

Availability for service is one of the most marvelous gifts that we can find in a community. People who have this gift trust those in authority and the community itself, and take on whatever is proposed to them.

One of the most precious gifts in a community is to be found among the people who cannot assume important responsibilities. They have no ability to organize, inspire, look ahead or command. But they have very sensitive and loving hearts. It is the love of the hidden people which keeps the community united. The leaders bring unity just by being themselves.

Many people are good at talking about what they are doing, but in fact, do little. Others do a lot. But they don’t talk about it. They are the ones who make a community live. A community is built by everyone in the community, all in their own way.

So let’s quit burying our heads in the sand and think about 2012, the year to remember.