Making choices

One of the greatest decisions one can make in life’s journey is to be true to yourself always. There are many detours and shortcuts, but if you are on the right road don’t pay attention to those detours or look for shortcuts - and don’t look back.

Life can be a dream, or a nightmare. It is up to the individual to realize that life is not a bowl of cherries, and nobody promised you a rose garden. Life is complicated, you come into the world with nothing and you leave with nothing.

On this journey of life, make a contribution of love for your fellow man, your family, and last, but not least, yourself.

We are not the masters of our own feelings of attraction or revulsion, which come from the places in ourselves over which we have little or no control. All we can do is try not to follow inclinations which make for barriers within our environment.

We have to transform our emotional makeup so that we can love ourselves as well as loving our enemies. Patience with our feelings and fears will help us to be merciful to ourselves. We are quick to magnify the faults of others, just to hide our own.

Patience, like forgiveness, is at the heart of community life - patience with ourselves and the laws of our own growth and patience with others.

Some people in our community live with a sort of unconscious guilt; they feel that they are not what they should be. They need to be affirmed and encouraged to trust. They must feel able to share even their weakness without the risk of rejection.

Leaders and elected officials in our community must identify within the community. We want to be able to identify with what is right and what is wrong. Think about it.

Happy Centennial!