MARY BETH FRIZZELL: Homeowners should be aware of changing camper laws

To the Editor:

My name is Mary Beth Frizzell and I am a Home owner and a business owner in Pleasant Plains Township. I do not know if the residents of Pleasant Plains township are aware of wht is going on in our township, but I feel it is my responsibility to inform you of what I have learned.

The Pleasant Plains Zoning and Planning Board/Administrator is getting ready to authorize land owners to place a camper on their property and leave it there for 12 months of the year. Notice, not home owners, land owners.

If it goes through, our property values are going to drop. My home is already looking like it is in the middle of a campground. I purchased my home 13 years ago and since that time, campers have popped up everywhere.

They are there illegally when left for 12 months of the year right now. I guess the township figures it is just easier to allow it than to force them to be removed. If we do not allow land owners to put a mobile home on their property in the township, why in the world would we allow campers left on their properties?

I do not have anything against people buying land here in Lake County and coming up on weekends and enjoying what they have to enjoy as home owners year round. I encourage that as a matter of fact. I do not encourage people to buy a lot for $100.00, park a camper there, and call it “their place up north.”

I feel if someone buys a camper, they should put it in a campground. If they want to put it on their vacant land, they should have to take it home with them, or store it somewhere off-site. From November to April, many of the current campers cover their campers with blue tarps secured with wood and leave. This is the view we are left with all winter.

I went to a township meeting the other day and it was a big joke. The things that were being said by the campers, not even a fool should believe. And I hope the members of the board didn’t believe them.

My two biggest concerns right now are number one, where are they all going to the bathroom, and number two, my property value is dropping. I work very hard to maintain my home and it makes me ill to see what is happening to my neighborhood.

One of the board members made a comment that these land owners have as many rights as we do as homeowners. How can that be? Do you mean someone who buys a lot for $100.00 and pays $5.00 in taxes have more say so than homeowners who live here all year round?

I don’t think that is right. Another thing, each and every board member said they would not like it if a camper parked across the street from their home. So why is it OK for everyone else to accept that?

If this goes through, I think each and every resident of Pleasant Plains township should go to the Board of Review and ask that their property taxes should be lowered due to the fact that their home’s value is going to drop.

I rode around my neighborhood recently and counted 17 campers. And some of them need to be hauled to the landfill or scrapped.

So, property owners of Pleasant Plains, you better let the board know how you feel, or it could be in your neighborhood next.

Mary Beth Frizzell

Pleasant Plains Township