LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Road commission doesn't focus enough on Luther area

Is it time to consider reopening the road commission garage in Luther during the winter months? Maybe a couple of plow trucks, an end loader and some sand could be placed in Luther.

Unfortunately, this is the third year in a row that we have had storms on the weekends. We get no service over this way — Luther and the eastern part of the county — until the start of the next week. Then, in many cases, it's just a strip of sand down the middle of the road.

The Lake County road workers do good work. I am just wondering why they are not called out when we have weekend storms.

I know you are going to give me the old budget excuse. Well, let's find some money somewhere and then maybe rearrange some worker schedules. For example, an employee could work Saturday and/or Sunday and get a day or two off during the week. Not ideal, but it does solve our weekend storm issues.

I suppose this violates some employee contract. Opening the Luther garage would also help on weekends and during the week.

Just as a side note, the Osceola County Road Commission workers were out plowing and sanding last Sunday. Do they have more dollars and workers than Lake County? Still wondering.

Barry Campbell