LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bumstead is fighting for us in Lansing

To the editor:

In response to a recent letter criticizing the actions of state Rep. Jon Bumstead in 2011, I must say that I completely disagree with the author. I strongly believe that Rep. Bumstead is fighting every day for the 100th district and represents us extremely well in Lansing. Michigan was in very rough shape when we sent Rep. Bumstead to Lansing last year. To get Michigan back on the right path, there were lots of tough decisions to be made. I commend him for having the courage to look at the issues and vote for needed reforms that were long overdue.

To say that Bumstead isn’t representing the 100th District is ridiculous. Despite his busy schedule in Lansing, Bumstead is a regular attendee of local township and school board meetings and other local events. He is a fixture in all three counties he represents and takes constituent feedback very seriously. I’ve heard that sometimes when constituents call Rep. Bumstead’s office with a concern, he will go out of his way to go to their house and talk about it with them. This is not a representative who doesn’t listen to the people.

The tough votes Bumstead took in 2011 will bring positive results for our community and the state as a whole, contrary to what Mr. Haynor suggests. The false information about our tax structure must be corrected. The new tax code eliminates double taxing that small businesses were dealing with under the old Michigan Business Tax. The old code was complicated, messy and was overrun with tax credits that we all know didn’t help our state’s economy. The new code is simple, straightforward and only charges large businesses a higher tax rate.

In regards to workers comp reforms, emergency manager updates and charter school cap removal, I encourage people to do research on what these laws actually do. I don’t think that getting people back to work as soon as they are able, helping cities and school districts get out of financial strain and giving children the best school options available are bad things for Michigan. Rep. Bumstead has discussed his tough votes with me in the past, and I’m sure he’d do the same with any constituent who asked.

When Bumstead took office, our state was dealing with a $1.8 billion budget deficit. Now Michigan has a surplus. Looks to me like Bumstead’s votes are having a positive impact. Keep up the hard work representative.

Bob Carr