I would like to take a moment and speak to homeowners in the Baldwin Community Schools district concerning the proposed bonding plan.

The timing of such a proposal is not good for homeowners, in light of the goings-on at the federal, state and local levels of government. Their credibility has dwindled. The trust factor is in question, concerning the leadership of our society, its institutions and the protection of human rights, including BCS.

In a time when interest rates and medical deductibles are creeping up, and gas prices are fluctuating, it's clear we don't have control over many of our expenses.

Let's take a closer look at how this proposal will benefit the entire community. The last bond passed about 20 years ago and it had some gaps in it where the community was a concern. We should revisit that old bond and fill in the gaps of wellness, fitness and learning for the entire school district community -- including adults. What's in it for the taxpayers?

To the parents of the 500 or so children who attend school in the district: No worries, BCS has had 20 years to start on its list of repairs and upgrades and they haven't done it. They should make a to-do list and tackle one project at a time. That's what us homeowners have to do. As important as school upgrades and repairs are to a child and his or her family, we have to be able to keep a roof over our heads as well.

What does the community really need at this time? How about a break in our home property taxes? This is a tax break we can give ourselves.

Paul T. Jones-Salaam