JOHN BUMSTEAD: An update from state Rep. Jon Bumstead

In the last few weeks, I’ve visited area classrooms, served lunch to seniors and helped clean a state highway because I believe my job as a state representative job is about connecting with constituents and taking their experiences to Lansing, not just working in Lansing.

I really appreciated meeting with students and educators as I toured Shelby Public Schools, Walkerville Public Schools, Grant High School, Newaygo Public Schools and the Newaygo County Regional Educational Service Agency (NCRESA). I was also honored to celebrate Financial Literacy Month with students at Newaygo High School and White Cloud High School. Our kids never cease to amaze me and they continue to advance beyond expectation.

I particularly enjoyed reading to a Great Start Readiness Preschool class in celebration of young children’s month in Michigan, and would like to thank the constituents of the 100th District for continuing to move Michigan forward by educating and caring for the young people who live in this great state.

As a state representative, it’s important to keep people up-to-date with policies in Lansing and have regular conversations about constituent concerns, but it’s also so important to step outside the policy and spend time with our kids, families, elderly and businesses.

I also served lunch to seniors at the Oceana County Council on Aging and toured Nestle/Gerber of Fremont, and Peterson Farms, Inc. and Snider Farms LLC, of Shelby. My staff member Kaylee Mead and I also volunteered to help clean up a portion of state highway through the Adopt-a-Highway program in Ferry, Oceana County, alongside constituents.

Seeing new technologies used on our farms and the welcome business expansions are only a few things that make me very proud of this district. Not only are we helping to create a brighter future for Michigan, but we’re remembering to help others along the way.

I’d like to extend an invitation for constituents to continue reaching out during my regular, in-district office hours or by contacting my staff in Lansing, who are happy to address any constituent needs.

I work for you, so please let me know how I can best serve our community. It’s my goal to learn from the district every day so I can help make positive changes in Lansing.

Constituents with questions, comments or concerns may contact the office at (517) 373-7317, or online at