JIM CREES: The evil of Executive Orders

It really does amaze me.


I’m stunned at the silliness, and shortness of both memory and vision being demonstrated by some of the GOP leadership of late.

House Speaker John Boehner wants to sue President Obama while an incredible number of Republicans see impeachment of the president as almost inevitable.

And why?

Because President Obama is running roughshod over the Constitution. He is doing everything he can to create an imperial presidency.

In short, Barack Obama is a foreign born, Constitution hating, megalomaniac who will do anything in his power to bring the nation to its knees and destroy our democracy.

Need proof?

Well, it’s obvious. Obama is all too regularly and enthusiastically using his power of Executive Order to carry out his dictatorial schemes.

The Republicans in Congress are up in arms.

He, the president, is blind-siding Congressional authority and doing whatever he damn well pleases with vicious swipes of the executive pen.

If Congress doesn’t agree with the president he uses Executive Orders to get his plots and plans through to fruition anyway, and he has done so 182 times.

One-hundred and eighty two times!!!

That’s 182 times the president has simply thumbed his nose at Congress and the Constitution.

Woe is us!

Except ...

What they don’t tell you is that by any measure or standard, the Obama imperial presidency supported by dictatorial Executive Orders is peanuts compared to the Republican presidents of the recent past.

While Obama has indeed signed 182 Executive Orders to get his way, his predecessor President George W. Bush actually signed over 100 more than Obama (291) to carry out his programs sneaking past any Congressional oversight.

And if you think Obama is treading on the Constitution by slipping things through with his 182 Executive Orders, how badly did Richard Nixon spit on the Constitution with his 346 Executive Orders?

The GOP information machine is very careful while talking “dictator” and “wiping his feet on the Constitution” and “imperial presidency” not to tell you about President Ronald Reagan. Saint Ronald holds the record for Executive Orders signed. He put pen to paper 381 times during his presidency!!

That is to say, Reagan ignored Congress and forced his own policies through on almost 200 occasions more than did Obama ... to date.

If Obama is a candidate for impeachment, what should have been done with Reagan rather than turn him into some sort of demigod?

In a recent YouGov poll, 68 percent of Republicans said impeaching Obama would be justified based on  such “abuses” as his use of the Executive Order.

Yessir. Nearly six out of ten Americans surveyed said they believed the president has abused his authority with the use of such “tools” as the Executive Order.

And the GOP propaganda machine continue to basically call Obama a criminal.

Sarah Palin recently wrote about the president’s” ... rewarding of lawlessness, including his own” and his activities that will “ ... change the basic interpretation of our Constitution’s role in protecting our rights.”

And this in large part because the president is doing exactly what every other president has done over the past three-quarters of a century ... but on a much lesser scale!!!

Heck, even Pres. Bill Clinton makes Obama look like an amateur. Clinton signed 364 Executive Orders compared to Obama’s 182!

Really, folks? Really!!??!!

If Obama is “imperial” with his 182 Executive Orders, than Reagan must be “messianic” with his 381 uses of the same law.

It is just such silliness.

When one team does it, it is a necessary application of the law.When the other side does the exact same thing, it is an attack on the Constitution and everything we hold dear.

It is just such hypocrisy

Number of executive orders by recent presidents

  • Obama — 182
  • George W. Bush — 291
  • Bill Clinton — 364
  • George H. W. Bush — 166
  • Ronald Reagan — 381
  • Jimmy Carter — 320
  • Gerald Ford — 169
  • Richard Nixon — 346
  • Lyndon Johnson — 325
  • John F. Kennedy — 214