JIM CREES: Hey, GOP! Good luck with Donald and Sarah!

I find it fascinating folks all around the nation (and throughout this area) keep trumpeting the “fact” that even while Donald Trump is brash, aggressive, arrogant and downright rude, he is still “a smart guy,” “a great businessman” and “says what other people think.”


I find him not so smart, not such a great businessman, and while he does indeed say what a lot of people think, I find this kinda scary ... in so many ways!

Trump might have been “smart” ... until last week.

When Trump actively solicited the approval of Sarah Palin in an attempt to chip away at the steadily encroaching Ted Cruz, he lost a lot of “smart” marks with me and many others as well - including some of his more influential supporters.

Palin is a loser. Has been and will be. She is a train wreck who still manages to garner some support for her indefinable stands via rambling and meandering speechifying.

Palin dragged down John McCain’s bid for the White House and has slowly but surely contributed to the at least temporary demise of the traditional GOP.

Now, some might think the dismembering of the Republican Party by splinter partisans is a good thing and will keep the party honest.

It isn’t a good thing for the GOP, and it won’t keep anyone honest. What all the dissent and fracturing will do is create a situation in which the more “radical” elements create losing election situations by a) splitting the vote, and b) scaring voters away in droves.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury - here are a few facts the GOP faithful seem to be ignoring as Trump continues to bully his way to the convention stage.

Placing Trump against his GOP rivals in the polls generates impressive numbers for The Donald. At present he is 22 points ahead of Ted Cruz in the number two spot (39-17).

That’s fine. Those numbers get Trump and Palin supporters all giggly. Their man is winning.

BUT ...

In just about every poll taken this past week (except a FOX News poll!), every substantial Democratic candidate would beat Trump if the general election were held tomorrow.

Bernie Sanders - yes, Bernie Sanders! - would beat Trump by an average of 5.3 percentage points in all polling including FOX.

In a sampling of more balanced polls even the most naive politico can’t help but notice a trend.

NBC News has Sanders at 54 percent and Trump at 39 percent.

Quinnipiac has Sanders at 51 percent and Trump at 38 percent.

And on, and on, and on ...

Only Fox News polling has Trump in the lead (surprise, surprise) but not in much of a lead - 46 percent Trump to 41 percent Sanders.

Evangelical favorite Ben Carson has pretty much slipped off the board. He’s done.

So ... while the more right-leaning Republican voters still pine for the promise of a return to political white supremacy with a presidential candidate who brags about being able to commit murder and still not lose votes, they are actually slipping further, and further, and ever further from any hope of a stint in the White House - because of the silliness.

It is simple folks. Trump may win the primary voting here, there, or the other place, but all this is doing is pretty much cementing a Democratic win in November.

And Hillary certainly isn’t a shoo-in!

It really is amazing. While adoring crowds of Trump and Palin supporters are crowing about taking back the country, they are practically giving up any hope they might have of actually doing so.

Look, folks.

If all you ever do is watch FOX News you may well be of the impression that folks who look, act and speak as you do are taking the country back after years of a “foreign” presidency.

Ummmmm ... they’re not.

The GOP slate of candidates is doing little more than pandering to a base of voters who would vote for a piece of chalk if it was on the Republican ticket, while alienating the growing majority of voters who have been minority Americans until now, but aren’t such a minority any more.

Throughout this primary election period, GOP candidates have managed to anger and alienate Latino, African-America, Asian, women and just about every other group of “minority” voters - and they have alienated these voters for generations to come.

All the while, it simply hasn’t sunk into GOP noggins that White Anglo Saxon Protestants ARE NOT the big deal controllers and manipulators they once were. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, any even tenuous white majority will be completely eliminated in the country by 2040. Whites and white voters will be a minority in 20-years time - possibly less.

And the Trump-Cruz-Rubio et al teams are simply frittering away any relationship the GOP may have with present day minority voters. The crazy commentary being offered up on the Republican campaign trail is pretty much guaranteeing generations of animosity by those who will sooner than later be in the majority.

Good luck with that, Don and Sarah.