JIM CREES: A recipe for disaster ...

So ...

Once again the genius of FOX is best expressed in the silliness of the organization’s “news” team.

This past weekend, the Fox crew opened up a “serious” debate on whether having a woman as the primary financial wage earner in a family was simply a “recipe for disaster.”

Yes sir. In this day and age; at this time in history; at this stage in a too slowly recovering financial slump; at this point when families are falling apart because there isn’t food to put on the table or funds to pay the mortgage; at this time when people are simply struggling to make ends meet; this is the time to point out the most important problem in the mix — women should not be making more than men.

Shouldn’t be. Can’t be!

The conversation on FOX began with coverage of a recent Pew Research Center report which stated a survey had shown that 25 percent of women in domestic relationships in the U.S. made more than their husband or partner.

FOX host Clayton Morris queried if having women as the primary breadwinner wasn’t “a problem.”

“Isn’t there some sort of biological, innate need for me to be the caveman?” Morris asked out loud. “Go out and bring home the dinner.

“Is it emasculating if we don’t do it?”

See, folks. There is a type of people out there who still can seriously suggest, suppose, or consider that more important than paying the bills of feeding the kids, it is vital, absolutely vital not to “emasculate” the hubby.

The entire discussion was not only silly, but demeaning of both men and women.

But there you have it. In a society in which women’s reproductive health considerations become an issue for religious intervention and Supreme Court discussion, while Viagra is paid for by insurance companies with no questions asked and penile pumps are covered by both Medicare and most insurance policies, the most important consideration in family life — physical, financial, and emotional — apparently is “are we emasculating the man?”

Not “Are we taking proper care of the kids?”

Not “Are we best considering the needs of our elders?”

Not “Are we reaching out to those in need?”

But rather, “Is dad feeling like A MAN today?”


The Fox discussion didn’t end there, however. They simply couldn’t leave well enough alone. Early in the following week what had originally been termed a “problem” (the issue of women making more than men) had escalated into what Elizabeth Hasselbeck figured might be a full scale “disaster!”

“Are female breadwinners a recipe for disaster?” Hasselbeck queried.

And her reason for asking?

Apparently she uncovered a study which “proved” that if a woman made more money than did her husband, he would be five times more likely to cheat on her.



I gotta give it to FOX. In one conversation, they have manipulated the regression of an entire nation back into the Ozzie and Harriet days — or even earlier.

Now, truth be known, the FOX team never actually declared high-earning women breadwinners “a disaster.”

They were just asking.



Food for thought, doncha know.

Just putting it out there.

Here’s the deal. Some women are blessed with jobs that are high paying. (Far too few women, I might point out. A disproportionate number.)

These women may or may not be in domestic relationships with a man who possibly earns less than she.

Why is this “emasculating?”

I honestly don’t understand.


In a discussion between Brian Kilmeade, Hasselbeck and author Farnoosh Torabi, who wrote a book entitled “When She Makes More: 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women” Kilmeade actually asked “Is it worth it to have the man be the second highest paid person in the house?”

Once again, the point was raised that more husbands are likely to cheat when wives are earning more.

Marriages could break up.

Is it worth it?

Is making a substancial salary worth losing your husband?

Are you kidding me?

So, the question begs to be asked, why is the correlation between earning levels and cheating a one-way street? Why do wives who make less than their husbands not cheat more?

I just don’t get it. One thing is for sure, however, somebody needs to do something ... and quickly.

If the FOX story is even reasonably correct, there are men in 25 percent of ALL the households in America being emasculated — AS WE SPEAK.

Ladies! For the love of home, hearth, family, and your hubby’s libido, give up the 73-cents-on-the-dollar that you now earn.

Take a cut in pay so he can better enjoy his manhood.

Oh. My. God.

I can’t. I just can’t.