JILL BYRNE: Emergency personnel should be more familiar with the county


As a resident of this community and county for 32 years, it really scares me that our sheriff patrol, ambulance service and fire department does not know the area outside of downtown Baldwin, Irons, Luther or Chase. If you are not in one of these downtown vicinities, you are screwed.

It scares me because my husband is getting up in years and starting to have health issues, and when something does happen, they are not going to have a clue where our road or house is, and you can see M-37 from any window in our house.

We have lived in the same house for 30 years and can count on one hand how many times a patrol car has been down our road “patrolling.”

We have a scanner, and when there was a fire after dark in a yard spreading to the woods, we could see the glow in the sky. However, the patrol car and fire department could not find it. Luckily, the home owner was able to get it under control and then out by the time they found his house.

In a one month period, my elderly neighbor had fallen, passed out and had a stroke. All three times, dispatch had to be called a second time because the ambulance had turned down the wrong road and could be seen going in the wrong direction. The second time, the lady’s daughter had to stand at the end of a driveway on M-37 and flag the ambulance in.

Then, just last week, we had a possible Code K (death). We could see the ambulance and medical examiner drive all over in the wrong directions. The person who called this in had to call again and tell them the road comes off of M-37.

Granted, we are at the south end of the country approximately one mile north of Newaygo County line, but we are still Lake County here and would like to feel safe when something does happen in the future. Let’s get our police, ambulance and fire out in areas off the beaten path at least once a month so they get to know where they are being called to when something happens again.

“A forgotten Citizen of L-Lake Area.”

Jill Byrne