JAY SYREWICZE: Safety, is a YES vote on proposal 1

Lake County Road Commission superintendent Jay Syrewicze
Lake County Road Commission superintendent Jay Syrewicze

By Jay Syrewicze

LCRC Superintendent / Manager

Safety is the main priority of the Lake County Road Commission. We do everything we can with available revenue to make sure that motorists are safe, but it’s frustrating knowing that we could make conditions safer if we had adequate revenue.

From simple things like being able to repaint the stripes on our paved road system or like adding a fog line (the white line on the edge of the road) that allows motorists to see the edge at night when conditions are bad, there is a cost to safer roads.

Instead of taking steps forward, the things we are doing to keep roads safe feel like a step backward. Many counties, have had to return paved roads to gravel because driving conditions weren’t safe and they didn’t have the revenue to reconstruct the roads. Thankfully we are not quite to that point yet, but we have concerns for the future.

Proposal 1 will finally give us the revenue we need to stop losing ground and start making investments in safer roads. Within 3 years, Lake County Road Commission would see an increase of $1,862,755 annually. That’s a great start toward providing motorists with safer roads to carry their families along their daily activities. A YES vote on Proposal 1 is a vote for safer roads!

For more information please visit our website (lcrc-roads.com)