Intergenerational state of black America

It is time for black elders in our cities, rural areas and all over America, to make a stand.

It is time for involvement and to take responsibility for passing on their knowledge and experience to our black youth.

Our black ministers have got to get more involved with our youth. Perhaps they could spend a little less time saving souls, worrying about judgement day and building churches (mega churches, that is).

It is time for the community to bring the truth to the young.

Sometimes that “truth” involves the recounting of stories about this nation’s ugly racial past. Sometimes it invokes warm conversation of challenges overcome and barriers knocked down. Sometimes it is portrayed by our delusional cliques of liberals who blame whites for all of the problems that affect blacks.

Black men must take the responsibility for the children they father. We have to understand this. It involves the children and their mothers. Having unwanted children, doing drugs and committing crimes seems to be more productive than doing the right thing. Our movies seem to sell sex, especially on our black channels. We seem to concentrate on and place emphasis on crime.

We have to accept responsibility for our schools by participating in parent teacher meetings, attending school functions and making sure that our curriculum emphasize our history correctly.

My advice to young blacks and their parents is to seek mentors - both black and white. Blacks and whites have to understand one another in order to work together. Sharing experiences generally brings understanding.

We have to focus on people who are economically disadvantaged and who are willing to help themselves while combating the bigotry of others. We need to have the courage to speak out when we see wrong and speak up when we see right. Sometimes one compliment can change a persons attitude for the day.

Older blacks who have lived through many racial problems and difficulties should reach out to our younger blacks to talk across generational lines. Perhaps this will keep this nation’s bad history from being repeated.

I am extremely grateful to the Lake County Star for allowing me to express my opinion about racial problems that exist in our community and the world. I have been criticized many times in the community by black leaders that I criticize blacks. One of the most important aspects in journalism is to tell the truth.

If the shoe fits, wear it. If it doesn’t fit, try on shoes until they do fit. And then, step up!