Idlewild, strategize, execute, innovate

Legacy is precious. Something precious holds its beauty forever. Our legacy must continue from one generation to another. We as a community must stand tall and be proud of how the opportunity our forefathers dedication and suffering enabled future generations to enjoy our area with purpose and passion.

We must secure our legacy by passing history from one generation to the other. It is our responsibility to embrace and make a commitment. We are facing challenging economic times that are not stable. In order for our community to survive, we must be creative and innovate a significant plan for survival.

Community survival will fail if strategic moves and decisions are not legacy oriented and implemented.

Every taxpayer should be heard. I understand unless you are a registered voter in the township you cannot vote on any issue. You must have declared your property as your homestead. But all home owners tax dollars are beneficial for our survival.

We cannot forget our seniors. They can take part in advocacy issues and offer support. They have weathered a lot of storms, and have been blessed with the wisdom to survive. Remember, there would be no legacy, had it not been for seniors who paved the way. Seniors are changing the face of aging in America, enabling future generations to enjoy life with purpose and passion.

Our Idlewild Centennial will be successful if we take advantage of technology which is changing the way the world does business, especially with fund raising and friend raising. The Digital Revolution, combined with today’s troubled economy, is enough to turn anyone’s philanthropic agenda upside down.

It would be profitable to have a Facebook page. Organizations are using technology, including the social media to talk to different groups of donors about our Centennial celebration which we are working on. Remember, time is of the essence.