HAVE YOU HEARD? Happy 100th birthday Idlewild Community

It is a magnificent milestone to celebrate the Centennial of the Idlewild Community located in Yates Township in Lake County.

One hundred years ago it was founded as a resort for African Americans to come and celebrate and realize that since we were out of slavery, but still facing segregation, that we could pool our resources and have our own resort.

In 1912, when Idlewild historic legacy began, the climate was in no way conducive for black achievement – segregation was the law of the land. We were on the brink of World War I. We had not been free from slavery very long, unemployment rates were high, for aspiring entrepreneurs road blocks were eveywhere, including naysayers who offered no encouragement.

To our founders it was an intriguing invitation, a revealing discovery, a promise of adventure, and a mission that was possible, and with a dream that could come true.

Our community has to make things happen, success buys freedom, we must reclaim Idlewild. We have to grow in new dimensions which takes determination and cultivation. We must prepare for the many challenges, out with the old and in with the new. The unfortunate legacy of the old ways of doing things is passe.

The reclaiming of Idlewild will take dedication, discipline, and focus. Idlewild was a journey 100 years ago and it is still a journey. There are many opportunities if the community opens its eyes.

Commitment is being steadfast in one’s beliefs in a sea of doubt and hesitation. Commitment is the enviable consequence of an unerring belief in discipline. Commitment is the attitude that just getting your feet wet isn’t good enough.

Minority owned businesses are vital to the economic well being of the community.

It is time for reinvention. One thing is certain, maintaining the status quo is not an option. Life is never stagnant, you’re growing or you’re dying. Whatever got you where you are today won’t get you any further. Reinvention is the key to taking the next step to greatness. Reinvention doesn’t have to mean doing something wildly different than you started out to do. It can be a process of evolution.