Facts, not fiction: Holding the community responsible

There are significant ramifications regarding realignment by indulging in appreciation of our community. We need to meet our challenges head on.

Where are our community activists? We cannot have racial disparity in any form. Elected officials cannot renege on promises that they make while campaigning.

We cannot succeed in any endeavor unless we as citizens are able to participate in the changes needed in our community. Our predictions for saving our community must be a community effort.

A community leader can lead or destroy. He or she has to be dedicated and maintain stability. There’s no such thing as a savior who waves a magic wand over the troubles of the community. His sincerity and dedication has to be for the people.

There are many challenges of finance, crime, education, social services and he or she has to be a humanitarian. The challenges are many. Favoritism in small communities is very noticeable. Every shut eye is not asleep.

Our community has already been exploited through many administrations. The way plans are misdirected are most unbelievable. We can no longer be satisfied. It is up to the community to step up to the plate. Time is of the essence. No one is exempt from making mistakes. But you should be liable to correct them. You need to take the bitter with the sweet.

In our strategic planning is Idlewild to be a retirement community for seniors only? The average age group moving to Idlewild is 60-70, and the elderly already there are old timers, the children of some of the founders. Idlewild is not a balanced community. Young people have no reason to invest time or money there. There are no job opportunities, no incentives, no tax breaks. The few children that are in Idlewild are bussed out of their community to school. There are no playgrounds or recreation centers. Idlewild is not family oriented for young people.

No community can live on grants and continually raise taxes.

Our forefathers put their heart in Idlewild for a resort area that would make African Americans proud of their legacy. Our weakness as a race, seems to be jealousy and envy. This division will destroy our race and our dreams.

I am looking forward to see what happens with the Centennial. I am sure it will be a success with Mrs. Mildred Kyle as Co-chair.

If you are not confident, you can’t be a leader and that’s all there is to it. False confidence is a flaw; faked confidence is a tactic.

If you are to be successful, there is a combination of things you need; experience, mastery, native talent, propitious external factors and luck Some people are very ambitious and they have confidence that they can succeed in any endeavor, and they do. Confidence is by definition about action, but effective visualization is the key. Self confidence makes the key work.