DOROTHY WILLIAMS: The purpose of Black History Month

Black History Month is a time for celebration of those who fought for our rights without hesitation. To recognize many of our great leaders who risked their lives for our freedom.

It is a time to acknowledge our African-American heroes who made history, including those who were never mentioned in our history books or had their stories told. It's a time to remember those who served on the front line of the battlefield and never received the recognition they deserve (so remember them, if you will).

Black History Month is a time for us to remember when our dreams were shadowed and our bodies were tender. It's a time to celebrate our many accomplishments that we've gained throughout our struggles and harsh punishments. It is a time to reflect on who we are and from where we've come, and to thank God for giving us the strength to carry on.

It's a time to thank Him for His mercy and for bringing us this far. It's a time to stand proud and appreciate the human beings we really are.