DAVID AND TAMMY GHENT: Doing your part

Letter to the Editor:

We would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers and people who have been involved in trying to make our community better, including the Snowmobile Club, the ORV Committee and others involved in attracting tourists to our wonderful county.

This winter, the snowmobile trails were outstanding. You could tell it was a priority of the Snowmobile Club to ensure these were maintained and groomed. Having the opportunity to utilize the trail system we have.

We would also like to thank those involved in developing the maps for the ORV enthusiasts who utilize our trail system. Numerous visitors to our community use the maps. Many of us recognize the hours devoted to developing this opportunity to bring outsiders into our beautiful county. It is people like that who make our community strong.

We have been impressed with the dedication of those volunteers, leaders and others who have given hours to accomplish the many things that make Lake County better. From those who worked on the Christmas lights downtown, to the people of the Lake County Community Foundation to so many others, who work tirelessly to make this a better place to live, thank you!

Seeing people getting involved and giving of themselves for the good of our county is inspiring. However, it takes a whole community, pulling together for the common good and with strong common goals, for it to grow and develop both culturally and economically.

Tourism is the key for growth in Lake County. We do not have industry or other strong income stream to provide the foundation of our economy. Any strong leader knows you have to be aware of your strengths and opportunities, and how they can be improved, as well as their weaknesses and how those weaknesses can undermine those strengths. Many of the greatest leaders in the world have fallen because they did not recognize where they were weak or did not want to face their shortcomings. This is the biggest mistake and leader, or community, can make.

It is time for us to come together with common goals in mind and start asking ourselves some very hard questions. If tourism is important to the foundation of Lake County, it is up to every resident, business and office-holder to ask:

  1. Are we personally, each one of us. Going out of our way to help tourists and visitors feel welcome and communicate to them how we appreciate bringing their business to Lake County?
  2. Are we supporting the hard work of all our volunteers, especially those with the Snowmobile Club and the ORV Committee, by getting involved and helping them with what they are trying to accomplish for the good of the whole community?
  3. Are our local law enforcement agencies, such as the DNR and Forestry Service, reaching out in a positive way to the county’s visitors?
  4. Do we approach visitors in a manner in which they will want to come back and bring their family and friends?

    We all have the responsibility to grow our community’s strengths and give back to make it better.


David and Tammy Ghent