Building a bridge that everyone can cross

The last 100 years has been quite an adventure for the African American race in the world, and a plus for the Idlewild community. Can you imagine the journey from slavery to the White House and the United States electing an African American President Barack Obama? A feat some said would never be done. Along with the sacrifices, the torture, the anxiety, hope was present.

It is unfortunate that our young people have been blindsided, and not taught to realize the suffering and sacrifices. One way to re-live history is to view historic photographs. You can identify people from Idlewild’s past by looking at these photographs from 1912 to 2012. You can see the changes during that time frame. You will be able to interact with virtual journeys through time by looking at these photographs. And you will be able to experience what happened in those 100 years in ways you could never have imagined.

In order for Idlewild or any small community to survive it needs honest and innovative leadership. We need greater racial equality. We have to have goals for our community. We have to build a legacy for tomorrow. Good business is built on diversity and promoting prosperity in communities. It’s not about counting people, it’s about making people count. New ways of thinking make a world of difference. If we can empower our community, one business at a time, it will foster constant growth.

We have to index our property tax assessments so future generations can chart what I believe will be a substantial rise in property values by  2014. We are going to see a huge increase in value.

I have been thinking and kicking around a nebulous-sounding scheme that involves “creating access to our beautiful lakes and taking advantage of art, nature and beauty for everybody.” In other words, we need to make an artistic or natural experience available to people with just a short walk or a comfortable bike ride, no matter where they are in Lake County. Then you would have a culture that actually celebrates beauty in our community. We can continue to enhance and make it beautiful. “Every new building occupied will become a piece of infrastructure.”