As some of our readers may have heard, this will be my last week at the Star. I accepted a new position back home in the Detroit area and will be leaving Baldwin.

It was my pleasure reporting on Lake County for the last two years and I leave with a heavy heart. I would like to thank everyone here who trusted me to give them their news on a weekly basis. I will cherish the connections I made while working here and I will miss the many friendly folks I got to know.

For lack of a more descriptive term, living in Lake County was an "experience." One of the things I noticed first when I moved here, and the thing I will remember most, was how friendly the residents of this community have been. I will miss the kind people who were always so ready to help me out on a story or those who came to me to tell me about something interesting happening in the county.

I will regret not being able to see how certain things I've covered will turn out. I will still be watching from afar to see how the questions regarding the GEO Correctional Facility shake out and will be curious how successful the county's push to establish itself as an outdoor destination will be. Baldwin was my home for two years and I never forget any place I call home.

I'm sure whoever takes over my position will be up for the challenge and will become as much a part of the community as I have been. If they don't, I have no doubt the people of Lake County will not be afraid to set them straight.

This is a tough, can-do community which has survived a lot in its time, and I'm sure the people here will survive whatever comes next. I wish everyone in Lake County, especially my readers, the very best of luck.