BRANDON FOUNTAIN: Stop complaining about the election ... we asked for this

Every cold, callous, unemotional, monotone word from Hillary Clinton’s mouth drips with enough elitist virulence to overfill a 7-Eleven Belly Buster with pretension.

Every repugnant, beetle-headed, chauvinistic, selfish blabbering spewing from Donald Trump’s potty mouth is enough to cause spontaneous combustion inside a dumpster.

And then, you have Gary Johnson still unaware of what or where Aleppo is … Good on ya, mate.

Oh, the joy of presidential elections.

However, I’m siding with the great philosophers Richards and Jagger, as they penned it best: “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you might find, you get what you need.”

That’s right.

We, as Americans, needed this presidential election to happen just as it is playing out. We needed it right here, right now. We need every second on the campaign trail analyzed, scrutinized and debated by every news organization, right-wing and left-wing talk radio host, blogger and podcast on the planet until it oozes from every ear, eye and mouth.

Every bumbling excuse about e-mails … every sexist “locker room” joke, we need it.

The backtracking, deflecting, insinuating, blaming, mud-slinging … we can’t go a day without those staples in election etiquette.

Shucks, I think we kind of deserve it, folks.

We’ve made the political system what it is today – a beast of unstoppable proportion unable to relate to anyone, let alone a trash collector, farmer, custodian, small business owner ... lowly reporter.

By electing and re-electing inept politicians who have sworn more allegiance to their party’s caucuses (and donors) than to their constituents, you get what we see today: Congress’ approval ratings nearly as low as the number of fingers and toes I have; where billions in subsidies and tax breaks are handed out like candy on Halloween, as we keep cutting the food benefits to this country’s most vulnerable; every piece of legislation somehow construed into a lame partisan scheme that ends up in some grandstanding stalemate; an ever-expanding, ever-spending federal government accruing more debt with every breath; and folks on this country’s terror watch list still able to buy guns, just to name a few.

What the heck is wrong with us?

Yes, we deserve this. We absolutely deserve everything we get.

This election should serve as a stark reminder to all of us ... a revelation of sorts ... as we need to take a very serious, critical look at what we’re doing to this country.

Sure, there are issues libertarians, conservatives, liberals and others will never agree on, but it’s about compromises. It always has been. That’s what folks don’t get — it’s not always about who wins or who loses.

But, I get it ... people always want more.

Folks want to fill the Supreme Court with the right kind of justice. They want free college. They want to repeal the Affordable Care Act. They want to over-tax the wealthiest people. They’re anxious to build a wall. They endlessly scream about e-mails. They slam decade-old comments.

You want to talk about e-mails?

My answer: E-mails are better than being lied to about a war that never should have happened.

Decade-old comments?

My answer: Everyone says stupid things at some point or time. (We don’t have someone recording them.)

It’s time to grow up.

We’re going to have to wake up the day after the election and go to work, read to our kids, buy our groceries and pay our bills.

This election isn’t going to change a thing – it’ll be a reflection of ourselves.

If that doesn’t scare you even the least bit, you haven’t been paying attention.

We absolutely deserve this.