BARRY CAMPBELL: Thanks to all of you

To the Editor:

Larry Smith and Kasey formerly of Luther and now residing in Sundance, Wyoming asked me to send a letter of gratitude to the Star on their behalf.

They experienced a major fire on Sept.  5 at their home, losing the house, pets and most of their possessions. It didn’t take long for the people in the Luther area to rally support for Larry and Kasey. Money, household items, clothing and more was either sent or personally delivered to Sundance by their friends.

To top things off, a group of good guys and gals even fabricated a home for them here in Luther. They put it in sections on trucks and trailers, took the finished product to Wyoming and even reassembled the home on site (all in four days). Unbelievable? Yes!

For everyone’s efforts and good wishes, Larry and Kasey would like to thank all concerned for all their assistance and compassion. Names of contributors have purposely been omitted lest I forget someone.

To all those who helped – you know who you are – THANKS!