ANN WALTERS: Take time to thank a volunteer

TO THE EDITOR: Since we have just completed a week that has been designated to recognize volunteers, I would like to take the opportunity to challenge those of you in Lake County and nearby areas to Thank a Volunteer. The media likes to identify Lake County as “poor.” When you add up all of the volunteer hours spent through churches, schools, youth activities, and nature conservancy, we are definItely NOT POOR! Whether it is hours spent with an organized service organization or just a random act of kindness, it is what keeps this county going. Programs for youth particularly benefit from volunteers. Youth are our future and it is our responsibility to train our replacements. Truly, it takes a village to raise a child. Please take the time in the next few days to recognize someone for their volunteer service. Without their help, the world would indeed be a much POORER place. Proud to have 33 years with Girl Scouts

Ann Walters