ANN WALTERS: Support the libraries

To the Editor;

As someone who has used libraries for many years, I would like to voice my support for a millage to support the libraries.

A library is something that everyone, of all ages and walks of life can use to acquire knowledge, entertainment and computer help at reasonable cost. Many times the books are free. In many cases some households cannot afford a computer. The help available at the library can be very valuable. Just having a place to make copies of documents at a reasonable cost is most helpful.

As to the cost of the millage, $1.00 or $2.00 a month should not break anyone’s budget. What is the cost of a pack of gum or a 2-liter of pop today, not to mention a gallon of gasoline? We need to put our priorities on the future of our children. How many people do you know who have been tricked out of their money because they were not good readers? The bottom line is, it is only a dollar or two per month. Quite a bargain in my book (especially when they are FREE).

Ann Walters