Township firefighters recognized for service

Rescued stranded resident with no food, water or electricity

LAKE COUNTY — Personnel from the Webber and Yates Township Fire Departments were recognized recently for service above and beyond the call of duty.

Lake County emergency management director Patrick Maddox presented Webber Township Fire Chief Alan Dailey, Yates Township Fire Chief Eric Meehan and Webber Township firefighters Corey Holmes and Robert Engstrom with letters of appreciation for service to the community.

Maddox explained that Lake County 911 received a call from a senior resident in Cherry Valley Township stating that she, along with her 9-year-old granddaughter, were stranded in their home without food and had no running water or electricity for three days.

“They were approximately a mile off the main road, and the driveway was hilly, curvy and unplowed,” Maddox said. “It was only navigable by a track vehicle. Together, Yates Township Fire Department, Webber Township Fire Department and Lake County Emergency Management were able to assist in getting them transported to the main road and to the store to get the necessary items to sustain them for the next few days.”

Webber Township firefighters, along with Chief Meehan and Chief Dailey used the fire departments side-by-side track vehicle to transport the resident to the store and back to her home with her items, Dailey said.

“We went in, got her out, got her some groceries, and got her back in,” he said. “Eric was there. It was his township, but he couldn’t find anyone available to help, so we jumped in took care of business.”

Maddox added that law enforcement officers had made contact with the property owner, who was off-site but said he would provide gas for the generator to get it running again, as well.

“We want to thank you for working together as a team to support this family,” Maddox said. “On behalf of the Lake County Emergency Management, we present you with these letters of appreciation.”

Dailey thanked Maddox for the recognition, and for his part in ensuring the resident was taken care of.

“We thank you for looking out for the residents of Lake County and organizing this whole thing so she could get the help she needed,” he said. “We appreciate what you do.”