Dukes Hands-On Training teaches life skills to youth

Motto: 'Teaching our youth to work hard, and earn the privilege to play hard'

WEBBER TOWNSHIP — Youth in the area have an opportunity learn skills and gain experience through Dukes Hands-On Training, a nonprofit organization for after-school and summer training to help local teens to acquire and maintain skills to prepare them for the future. 

Founded by Joe Dukes, owner of Dukes Auto Sales in Webber Township, the mentors youth and teaches them useful skills such as lawn care, auto mechanics, gardening, electrical work, home repairs and more, with the direction of licensed experts in each field. 

The motto of the program is “Teaching our youth to work hard, and earn the privilege to play hard.” 

Dukes works with the youth to teach them skills, and have a sense of stability which also will serve them well in the future, whether as a steady job after high school, a career or sustainability as they go through college. 

Dukes said the program isn’t just for skills to help them with financial gain, but to, “Instill discipline and appreciation for all things in life.” Putting the work into what they want to achieve is the only way to help make their dreams happen, he said.

“We’re here to teach them how and give them the tools to make positive life choices,” he said. “We guarantee nothing but greatness with your kids if you allow us to teach them discipline, respect and structure first, then there will be nothing they can’t do.” 

While they are learning valuable skills, they also learn to give back to the community and make where they live a better place by cleaning up leaves and debris from yards, completing minor repairs on homes of community members who are unable to afford upkeep, and offering other free services to local people in need. 

The program’s goal also is to improve overall socioeconomics in the community and surrounding county by giving the youth the tools to become productive and self-sustaining in adulthood. 

To provide these services for youth and to the community, funds are needed to help make it happen. Currently, there’s a capacity of training and transporting six kids per day. The goal for this year is to expand this number 20 children.

Any donations made help the program purchase safety equipment, small tools and healthy lunches for the youth. 

To donate, visit: https://dukeshot.org.